Client: Trade Me
Context: Internal, in-person presentation
Problem: With only an hour, you need to educate people on empathy and counselling core skills
Once upon a meeting, my colleagues mentioned that we could probably be more empathetic towards our clients. Everyone agreed, but there wasn't anything we could do about it there and then. So, I chipped away at a presentation on empathy and why it was important for all of us. I took some of the practical skills I learnt as a Live For Tomorrow volunteer and put them in a commercial context. It was designed to feel friendly and straight-up, so my team would be comfortable sitting in on a presentation and workshop about feelings. ​​​​​​​
This was a hugely rewarding project and brought together three of my favourite disciplines; design, writing and teaching (I wrote all the material too). My colleagues walked away with usable and memorable skills, plus some compelling reasons to give them a try. 
Although the design was quite different to what my colleagues were expecting, the approach was successful. I relied on quickly-accessible icons and metaphorical illustrations to ensure that key information had the best chance at being remembered. I also deviated from the usual brand colours, as my colleagues saw presentations in that theme every week, as they'd become a recipe for low-engagement and retention.
If you're curious about the other material in the presentation, you can view the whole deck here.
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